Flipped Classroom - Student Expectations/Instructions:

Students are asked to access the Internet at home and go to www.smithclass.com to find classroom lectures/handouts/activities. Students can find the current lesson using the subject and image under "Mr. Smith's Classroom Website". Students are to take notes using their Cornell Notes and to start one or new pages in their notes for each lesson. Students need to follow our note taking strategies including setting up their pages correctly and updating their table of contents. Students may re-watch the videos multiple times to make sure they understand the day's lessons. If students have problems with the online lessons, they are encouraged to email Mr.Smith from the "Contact" link online. As discussed in class, student having temporary or continuing Internet access issues need to talk with Mr.Smith. Special arrangements will be made. There will be weekly access for all students to use our classroom computers at school. No student needs to worry about home access. However, as noted in the flipped class description, we might be able to help students with computer access.