Flipped Classroom / description - What is a "Flipped Classroom?"

This year, I plan to post one lesson each week on my classroom website www.smithclass.com. Students will be expected to watch and take Cornell Notes on the lesson outside of class or to use the one day of in class time provided to watch the online videos. This will provide our class more time to have classroom discussions, work on classroom activities, or to work in small groups, illustrating maps and graphs, researching opinions, and reviewing notes. The idea it to let students independently review lectures so that there is more time for subject review with the teacher and to have a deeper classroom exploration of the lesson. While I know that many students have direct access to computers and Internet at home, I also realize that many students do not. Some who do have weekend access, may have sports, clubs, or other activities at night that interfere with computer access. Because of this, I am offering 8th graders one day a week that they can sign up and spend their lunch in my "Internet Cafe" classroom. This time, once a week, will be available for all students to complete weekly flipped classroom homework, work on projects, or retake tests. I will also plan to provide some in class technology time to students who have communicated their needs. Please know that no student needs to worry about home access. Other options for out of class computer access include the Prosser Branch of the Mid Columbia Library where sixteen computers are available for an hour a night for students and the Prosser Computer Sharing program. This program is a joint project of the Prosser School District and the Prosser United Methodist Church. In this program, restored and cleaned computers are checked out to students who do not have computer access at home. The Prosser School District Technology department has also linked www.everyoneon.org as a source for low cost Internet service. As part of putting classroom instruction online, there may be times that I will record classes in order to review instruction and demonstrate successful small group activities for online viewing. While I will never use a student's last name, recorded classes may of course include video of students in class, their class work, and contain their first name. If you give your child permission to be recorded in such a lesson, please check the appropriate box below. It is important to note here that in order to use my classroom computers, your child must have a district network account which includes a home and school license for Microsoft 365. In order to get this, your child must have a signed Prosser School District Internet Use form and must conform to district rules for appropriate use of the network. I will discuss these expectations further in class. While I am very excited about the opportunity to enrich instruction with technology and to use the flipped model to give more time in class for review, discussion, and projects, I also understand that this new model will bring many additional challenges for students, parents, and teacher. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at school. My plan period is 10:40-11:20 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Housel's phone number is 509-786-1732.